Sunday, July 5, 2009


I dont write in this anymore much.I dont get much time to my self anymore or so it seems and it sucks.I stopped talking to alot of people and even cool ass people from my old job but whatever i been busy and shit happens.PMV Lounge is in full swing and its going really good,people are diggin the Lounge and i am glad.oh oh i am super excited cuz this Birthday is gonna be the best ,i'm gonna be traveling a bit around that time and cant wait,i know for sure i will be going to Cali for my birthday then after that there has been some talks about Florida with some friends but i am not too sure about that one 100 % but i will know about it for sure sometime in the next two weeks,Cali is a for sure tho.alright well i am off i am gonna go grill some burgers : D