Wednesday, April 8, 2009

A Little Bit

I have not posted anything in a while.I guess thats because i have been busy with life heh.I got a new job ,i hope that goes well.Its a office job doing computer support which i like : D I think it will go well.

I got an iPhone and i fucking love it.I have never enjoyed a phone so much like i do an iPhone.I am glad i got it

been working on this new band and doing the DJ at the same time,its most def taking alot of my time but i think in the end it will be worth it once i'm back on stage rocking the crowd like i use to.

As far as the club ,alot of people keep asking me whats going on,where its at and so forth.All i can say is be ready for summer time party time!Its in the D and it will for sure be a good time.We are almost some painting to do as well as putting the finishing touches on the DJ both.After that we r in good time, just need a few finishing touches like bathrooms and the bar area.Its nothing that cant be taken care of in the next few weeks.I know for sure we will be open by late May,Early June and its gonna be a fucking blast.MOst likely gonna be private only for a little bit so that way we can see how many people we can get in.But i am not worried cuz with the stuff we r gonna be doing and the people coming in,should not be a problem

anyways too much info i guess at this moment ,maybe i should of never let that out but oh well no one ever reads this.If they do great.if not oh well im not hurtin by it.I write on her to get stuff off my chest and to well to tell you the able to write.i use to love to write but after the years its gone down hills,i dont feel the need to anymore.I know my posts are very very short but thats cuz i am lazy haha

alright im out of here cuz i want to work on his song

I have "I'll beat that bitch with a bat" stuck in my head for the past week.Man i fucking love that song