Sunday, July 5, 2009


I dont write in this anymore much.I dont get much time to my self anymore or so it seems and it sucks.I stopped talking to alot of people and even cool ass people from my old job but whatever i been busy and shit happens.PMV Lounge is in full swing and its going really good,people are diggin the Lounge and i am glad.oh oh i am super excited cuz this Birthday is gonna be the best ,i'm gonna be traveling a bit around that time and cant wait,i know for sure i will be going to Cali for my birthday then after that there has been some talks about Florida with some friends but i am not too sure about that one 100 % but i will know about it for sure sometime in the next two weeks,Cali is a for sure tho.alright well i am off i am gonna go grill some burgers : D

Monday, May 11, 2009


Well its been awhile since i even posted anything,not like it matter cuz no one read this blog but its nice to get stuff off my chest.Nothing really new going on ,just working my new job and working on the band stuff and at the same time trying to this the club/bar ready for opening weekend next month.I cant wait.People have been asking me why i cant say where its at.All i can say is that in the next few weeks i will be telling people about it.I dont wanna go all out and scream and tell every one about it cuz there are tons of people i do not want over so thats why i want to keep it very low key ,plus its a private invite only party.All i can say is that dont be little me and it with out even coming over once.So far we got the sound system going and it sounds fucking sweet,got to do a few touch ups here and there,need to get the lights set and that shold not take much longer and then we r good.The hardest part is the money.trying to pay bills and then trying to buy stuff with left over money.....its hard but i am trying to. As far as the band,its going pretty good.we got about 3 songs down and we r writing more so its going pretty good.nice and heavy just like i like it.The new job is going pretty smooth,its taking me a hard time getting use to talking to a customer on the phone in spanish and telling them all these technical things while at the same time writing.But i am sure i will get the hang of it in the next few weeks.

on a side note,I will be going to DEMF and the after partys next weekend! Should be fun as fuck yo..... cant wait

well i got nothing else i am tired so i am off to lay down before bed .peace

Wednesday, April 8, 2009

A Little Bit

I have not posted anything in a while.I guess thats because i have been busy with life heh.I got a new job ,i hope that goes well.Its a office job doing computer support which i like : D I think it will go well.

I got an iPhone and i fucking love it.I have never enjoyed a phone so much like i do an iPhone.I am glad i got it

been working on this new band and doing the DJ at the same time,its most def taking alot of my time but i think in the end it will be worth it once i'm back on stage rocking the crowd like i use to.

As far as the club ,alot of people keep asking me whats going on,where its at and so forth.All i can say is be ready for summer time party time!Its in the D and it will for sure be a good time.We are almost some painting to do as well as putting the finishing touches on the DJ both.After that we r in good time, just need a few finishing touches like bathrooms and the bar area.Its nothing that cant be taken care of in the next few weeks.I know for sure we will be open by late May,Early June and its gonna be a fucking blast.MOst likely gonna be private only for a little bit so that way we can see how many people we can get in.But i am not worried cuz with the stuff we r gonna be doing and the people coming in,should not be a problem

anyways too much info i guess at this moment ,maybe i should of never let that out but oh well no one ever reads this.If they do great.if not oh well im not hurtin by it.I write on her to get stuff off my chest and to well to tell you the able to write.i use to love to write but after the years its gone down hills,i dont feel the need to anymore.I know my posts are very very short but thats cuz i am lazy haha

alright im out of here cuz i want to work on his song

I have "I'll beat that bitch with a bat" stuck in my head for the past week.Man i fucking love that song

Thursday, March 19, 2009

It seems

It seems things are starting to fall into place for the most part and im very happy about that

Monday, March 9, 2009


I have been thinking of selling my Labtop and using the money i make off it and buy a newer one.It been a thought of mine for a while but i think i might just do it once my taxes come in.I mean fuck a new Macbook Pro right now $1,899.99.Thats not bad .I know my buddy had the same computer i got and sold his for $1,200. If i could get that and save up and get the 1899 i would for sure .shit all i would need to do is save $8009(with taxes n all).its that or i can get a iMac and use that as my home computer and buy a older mac like a Powerbook just for music or recording on the go .Idk its kind of just a thought right now.I am gonna give it some thought in the next few days i just hope someone can buy it from me soon if i put it up for sale tho.It runs very well,never had a probleme withb it but i want to get a faster computer even tho its fast now

Saturday, February 28, 2009


it makes me luagh when i see these couples who are in "Love" with one another and take all these myspace pics and well pretty much talk about there"love" none stop but within a few months span its over and they move on with some one else.WTF.people now a days are just plane out stupid.I dont know about you but when i say I love you to someone its because i mean it.For me it takes a long long time for me to even say i love you to someone.First time i said it,i know it took me about 6 months but not just that it took me 6 months to even open up and KIND of feel those feelings.Shit it took me 6 months to feel comfortable.If you really think about it,love really isnt a feeling.What do you feel when your in love......comfort! You eyes see what they want you to see. Oh well i dont want to really get into it right saying that i need to be on the road right now so i need to get in my car. But i hope you get what i mean. It bothers me when people say they love there girl or guy after being with each other for 2 months or less.....pfff

this blog post didnt make any sense but thats cool cuz im in a hurry and felt like posting something

Thursday, February 26, 2009

Stanky Leg

damn dude
i miss the old days when big hair and vhs tapes were the shit.I remember watching concerts on tv and seeing millions of people at them.Shit like that dont happen now a days,its pretty sad.its also sad that now a days rapers have a back track playing and they only rap over some parts,that to me is not worth my money to go see.

i wish they would make City Slickers 3 lol.I loved part one and two,they were the shit! great movies indeed

Zimmerman sent me some nice kick drums and loops this week and Mike Mikhjian sent me some demos of his new songs,that was pretty weird .have not spoke to that guy in months but i am glad he is still thinking of me : D

i rented Jason X. I had not seen it in a very long time,i own it on VHS but was in the mood for it so i said fuck it ill get it and watch it again.Man that was a bad idea,that movie was soooooooooo bad hahaha

went to City Club with mike and some friends a few days ago. It was weird cuz i had not gone there in months and i can say for once there was some "OK" looking woman.Not going to go and say they were hot as fuck but they were ok. It was a different crowd there this time around,had the goth kids along with the metal heads but i also seen the clubber crowd. I think maybe there wasnt anything to do that nighyt and they all came there or its because Bleu shut down and some of them have no where to go .IDK maybe i am over thinking it cuz they always have Oslo and The Works .The Works opend at 1 Am that night so that might have been why there was a diverse group of people there.

oh well