Monday, March 9, 2009


I have been thinking of selling my Labtop and using the money i make off it and buy a newer one.It been a thought of mine for a while but i think i might just do it once my taxes come in.I mean fuck a new Macbook Pro right now $1,899.99.Thats not bad .I know my buddy had the same computer i got and sold his for $1,200. If i could get that and save up and get the 1899 i would for sure .shit all i would need to do is save $8009(with taxes n all).its that or i can get a iMac and use that as my home computer and buy a older mac like a Powerbook just for music or recording on the go .Idk its kind of just a thought right now.I am gonna give it some thought in the next few days i just hope someone can buy it from me soon if i put it up for sale tho.It runs very well,never had a probleme withb it but i want to get a faster computer even tho its fast now

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