Monday, December 29, 2008

The Binary Universe

I know i made a post about it a long long time ago about BT's The Binary Universe .I cant help but still be mesmerized by his art and well his work in general.Its very eye poping yet eye filling.Not to mention his DJing skills are just fucking amazing.I would have to say BT and Tycho are head to head as far as my favorite artists as of now.Its hard to make a decision on who is better or who's music is better,i love them just as much(there work heh)

One other person who keeps me at my toes being mesmerized by his music/art is Sultan.The mother fucker is a real producer.He has worked with some many people in the industry its not even funny.From rap to rock to House.I never have seen him live but i know i wont miss him if he ever makes his way to the dirty D for sure.What takes me back is that his guy will go on tour with Nadia and play bass or guitar or even the drums and then go on tour for him self and DJ it up........then on his off time(not really off time if your working if ya ask me) he will get right to the studio and produce someone else's cd or tracks.When this guy puts shit out,its heavy and good,it can go from funky electro to dark minimal or to even trance with the uplifting sweep keys with the verb to the max that make you feel like your at The Love Parade or something. anyways check him out

specking of festivals,i wonder how 2009's DEMF will turn out.Well i know how it will turn out ,maybe i should ask who will be on the line up?hmm its so hard to say,Most likely some local talents and a few big name DJ's that are hot right now but not worth checking out cuz you will pushed out of the front row by other so they can see em(DEADMAU5).I always wondered if they pay the DJ's or how they go about asking them to play and how or who gives them there set time.hmm too many questions and no answered,oh well.This year i think i will be gettin my all weekend VIp passes for sure,yes they maybe like $150 but its worth it i must say.This time i wont show up at 12 and stay till 1 AM like i did this year(i got there earlyer for TYCHO and stayed late for CARL CRAIG).Anyways,i dont expect to go with anyone ,maybe a friend or two this year since i NOW know who likes techno and who doesnt within my friends and or co workers.And if a certain someone is reading this, i would love to see you come back for 09 and tear the roof of the main stage where you damn well belong!!!

One thing i do hate but love at the same time is when they slowly reveal who is on the line up.It kills me with suspense day by day untill the last week before DEMF lol.but yes,VIP for me this coming year with more extra cash too,its bad enough i was broke that weekend and snuck in water bottles lol.I heat VIP you get monsters and water for free so i wont have to worry about paying $15 for tickets that pretty much pay for 1 water bottle.....pfft fuck that shit son!above all i still love how during that weekend people cant get a hold of me .this year i think i am just gonna shut off my phone and just get fucking crazy like i always do and not worry about shit

haha i was right in front but you cant seem, on the left of his left arm in the white : )

Sunday, December 28, 2008


I dont understand how people can make a fake youtube profile just to go on other peoples pages and leave mean comments .lol i must admit,some times they are funny but i have noticed alot of them on alot of peoples comments.Man, some people are just jerks.

I got a chance to hang out and talk with a very very old friend today.We had a blast just doing nothing.talked about how we r doing and i told him about some stuff i am going threw , and what really hit me was that i always end up liking chicks with glasses with dark hair lol.Maybe its cuz i like those emo and or hardcore scene girls haha

Brutal chris makes me laugh haha

still looking forward to new years eve,wanna get loose and just forget about lifes problemes and enjoy my self.Man i cant wait,gonna act a fool for sure.Might just pull the dick out( or not)

i wish i could be on one of those VH1 ,"Best Week Ever",shows.that would be rad as fuck

Saturday, December 27, 2008

Powerman 5000

I sit here and write this and wonder how my life and my friendships and relationshipswill be in the next 6 months.Just wondering who will still be in my life and how things will be.Will they be for the better or for the worse?I dont know to tell you the truth.I guess everyone wonders that heh.

all i can do it keep moving on and writing my path every day and hope for the best.

man i wont be able to go to school this coming semester,i am just pisst and pretty sad to tell you the truth.I was looking forward to it so much,i want to be a fucking nurse so damn bad.That and i want to get to that point in life were i feel like i really AM working towards something in life and not just working for a useless life.

oh well i cant go cuz i pretty much have to help my parents with bills and what not during the winter.My dad was gonna get my room built by the end of winter but after his days got cut and having the possibility of not have a job come next year when he goes back is something he does not wanna ride on.He doesnt wanna get into a debt that he cant pay off because he wont have a job.Its sad and it kills me man.And i know millions of people are going throw it(not having a job i ment lol).I have faith everything will come out just fine.Something i dont really come out and share with people is my faith in god,thats just one side of me that i never let anyone tap into.But what i am trying to say is that i have faith in god ,Faith that he will help us.Not just my family but others as well(even thought there are alot of us lol).

anyways i got a felling things will get better so i shouldt get to worryed .

been feelin real dumb as of late lol.Feel like i should have acted while i had the chance.You probalby dont even know what that means but oh well.If you dont know maybe its ment to be that way : D

I have been rocking Powerman 5000 all day today lol

i drank so me tall girls tonight and they tasted so good lol.i havent drank in a while so it was not to have some beers

im going to bed i feel like the biggest bag of dicks

Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Set up

ever feel like kicking your self in the teeth for not doing something you know damn right you should have?well thats how i feel right about now.Man i feel dumb

anyways i watched this very nice interview on Richie Hawtin a few months back and i lost the url.i was pisst like hardcore untill i found it today.its nice because i get to see how he use's Traktor and it lets me see some pro tips in a way on the software .I now have the program so its very nice ,check it out

Wednesday, December 17, 2008


Everytime i hear Madball i want to beat the living shit out of the next person who looks my way.Man i love that fucking band.they are so fucking sweet !I seen them twice this year and was not able to make it a 3rd but thats ok though i am sure i will get to see them sometime in the next few months and by then i will be able to take time of work to see them.

man i feel like i have been working alot,and that i am but its just feels useless.Like i know its a job and it pays money but dude wtf i feel like i should be doing something else with my life that does not involve school or working my shitty job that only pays $14 a hour.

I keep dreaming of have a successful Dj career but i am way to shy to even promote my self and get out there.Man maybe i should stop being a pussy and go for it and maybe book myself for a little gig and stop doing shitty house partys and grad partys,not really my scene i guess.When i say successful Dj Career i dont mean flying all over the place to play and being on the cover of Dj times or something even though that would be very very very nice but not what i mean.To me being successful is just being known and being able to touch people with my music.I want to be able to share my music with others.If i were to be known and liked by 10 people i would die happy

I like the new Paramore song out

that was random of me to tell you

alright i am gonna go watch Dexter before i go to bed

Saturday, December 13, 2008

Sick n Tired of these mother fuckers!

I am sick an tired of people calling me or texting me or talking to me for that matter on the weekends or right before the weekends just to see where the party is at!I know alot of people use to come out to my partys back in the day but come on now guys...just because i threw huge bangin partys does not mean i do every single friday or saturday night.I would love to party it up at my house every weekend or every OTHER weekend if i could but thats not how it goes now a days.I live with my parents again(sadly) and i know they would not like th idea plus i live in a small house.Yes i have drank in my garage millions of times because but its fucking dick cold out side and i rather go to a bar or someone else house now a days to drink.Most of the people who ask me where the party is at are KIDS.KIDs who under 21 years of age.I have been there man i know how hard it is but dont bother me every weekend.Shit gets old and i know i got sick of partying last summer after 2 months but we did that shit from June all the way till Dec.

yes we did have a few weekends that we didnt party and we kept chill but out of 5 or 6 months maybe........and i really do mean it,maybe there was 7 weekends that we did not party because i had my GF at the time over or my room mate did the same and well we were just tired.BUT what i am trying to get at is that i dont roll like that anymore.I am old enough to go to a bar and or go to a club and en joy my self.I have always been into the whole club scene since i was old enough to go(18 for some) but come on now!now if you want to come out with me on the weekends to a club trust me i can take you with me and you will have a blast .I can even take you with me to a bar or a lounge were we can chill and have a drink and talk but dont think it will be off the hook and people r gonna be bouncing off walls.Fuck grow the fuck up.... todays party scene is no longer what it use to be.

the thing that i for sure dont get and fully understand is that everytime i DO have a party and invite the same people i normly do and know will show up and invite the people who hit me up about partys,they dont ever show up.Like what the fuck man.One min your bothering and about to piss your pants cuz you cant find a party but when i throow or help throw a bangin party your never there .lol the funnyer part about this is that even a few days down the line after my party is done with they still feel its necessary to still hit me up and let me know when my next party is gonna be.If you were at the last party you would of known when my next one was.By that time i dont feel i should even invite you to the next one and waste my time/text/anytime min/myspace comment/msg with to let you know about my next bash.

Now you maybe be thinking oh well what if i cant come to a party of yours ,will you not invite/welcome me to the next.Thats not what i am trying to say.What i am trying to say is that all these people that i have invited and told about my bash's never really show up.Yes i know sometime you cant make it out to because of work or life's probleme's and i understand that 100%.The people i am talking about are the ones who have been out and then try to pull some lies out of there ass and never come out or say they will and never do.Bro ,dont waste my time.Maybe i am over venting but you know what that shit piss's me off ALOT.

I just try to set my self up for reasonably success lol
Dont know if thats even possible but whatever i try my hardest

Look at this New Years Eve party i set up,I invited a good hand full of people that i know will show up and have a good time and wont let me down. I first wanted to throw a huge bash and fucking bank on it( i will be with the hang full of people i have invited so far,i just want the money i am putting into this party in return.Even if i get all of it back and dont get anything else as extra i am fine with it as long as everyone has a good time) up the ass and walk a way BUT i knew if i made it huge it was ognna be hard.Thats why i invited 20 of my close friends and some co workers and some people i never partyed with n felt it would be great to do so with for once.Out of those people i know at least 12 of them are coming out.Plus on top of that my business partner has another 10 coming and the home owner maybe have up to 7 people coming ,if that. so i am not worried about not there r a few other things i am worried about that i dont feel like going into detail on a blog about.they are more of my probleme then the worlds problemes lol.what i am trying to say in that i invited close friends and not everyone and there brother to the bahs because i knew if i did i would set my self up for failer and not just that i would be setting my self way above the cap.the most we can fit at the party is not a big amount but a good 40 people could really fit in there but then again i come from a party scene that is packt and dances the whole night to techno next to each other elbow to elbow

i think i got off track a the end i am sick of people asking me where the party is at when they never show up,there is no point.i am done inviting these types of people out to my partys or any party i am going to .you will never pick my text or call during the weekend BUT you will fridat after noon at 7PM wtf! FUCK YOU!

anyways i think i am done venting and ranting about stuff that you would not give to shits about .I havr not told anyone really about this blog but i am sure people know about it since i put a URL on my myspace blog.I am gettin use to this blog.oh well

I can see this song to blow up the radio waves here in 3 weeks or so if it hasnt already

Thursday, December 11, 2008

Late Night Thoughts

i dont know why i stay up so late.I mean i dont work midnights anymore but i feel after working midnights for for 3 years i have been on the same sleeping pattern.Plus there is no one ever online to chat with or anything to do.Fuck,this is lame

On the other hand i went to the casino, and i didnt spend anymore ,so that good.I did buy beer but thats it lol.

Man i wish Detroit more EDM weekend a year just does not do it for me.Maybe if i lived back in LA , i could be part of a EDM scene were they do big productions and spend more time & money on EDM events and or clubs.I dont blame clubs for not wanting to spend much money.I mean fuck ,look at the way things are going as far at auto makers and banks.NO one is driving business to this state.......nor this Country for that matter.

Its 3:30am ,Good Night

Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Sven Vath

This is a great set.The more i keep watching this set by Sven ,the more it makes me wanna just go out this weekend.I have been chillin in the past few weekends & and not going to the clubs but i guess thats cuz i am broke but i guess i have a good reason to.I have my Company now and i am starting a band with Mike now so i would say thats gonna and is taking most of my time up along side with work.BUT i so plan on hittin up the club sometime soon or i might just say fuck it and go out.I know for sure i am gonna go to Staceys gig this weekend.Well i should say i am gonna TRY to if money allows me to go

god i know i am annoying people with all these party invites that i have been passing out or posting but i got to get the word out of my Company and the word out of my party.Cant have a party with 6 people haha i got to tell everyone that i can to come out and bring the new year in the right way.

Saturday, December 6, 2008


So i was on Scott Hensons blog just reading up and seeing what hes up to and just seeing what new pics he has taken so far.Nothing really was popin at me till i went to a old post i never saw that he did about Ryan Fitzgerald.I dunno but i really dig his work(Pic is below),love the smooth yet under glow colors as i like to call em.Fitzgerald,most of the time takes pictures of things that also give off the minimalistic vibe and i personly love shit like that man lol.

Moving on....
by the way its 3 am and i cant sleep for shit and no one is online but Don so i am sitting here chatin with him and looking at random shit online to get me tired and sleepy.I am enjoying a nice set by Sharam that is very nice and chilled and mellow .Thats pretty rare of him to start off his sets off like that, his choice of songs on this set have a chillout vibe to them but i know he will pick it up.

anyways i was looking at business cards for my company,just trying to see where i can get a cheap ones that look good and what site will let me add the colors i want to them.I did find afew places but for some odd reason a Metal or Metallic business card came to mind.I started to wonder how cool they would look like.I thought right way they would be cool and look great with my labtop cuz its a Macbook Pro(metallic).I googled it and this is what i got.I aint gonna lie......... i would pay for some of these cards with all my info BUT,i know they would not be cheap and i know for sure that i would not pass them out to just anyone lol

alright i am out of here cuz i need sleep and its real late .BUT please do enjoy this nice piece of music that i have been in love with for about 2 years now and who i have fallin in love with ten times even more as of now because of the Piano remix of that just came out on his new CD.

Deadmau5 - Faxing Berlin (Acoustic Piano Mix)

Friday, December 5, 2008

Mother Of Tears

Uhh ..... i dont have much to say on this really.Its 1:30am and i just got from bowling with my buddys.It was a good night.For the first time i was home by 1am on a friday night.I would like to go to sleep but at the same time i dont.I have nothing planned for tomorrow but that most likely change but who knows i might chill at home and maybe watch some movies cuz i dont ever do that anymore and i feel like i have missed out on some good horror movies like Dario Argento's ,"Mother Of Tears". I am gonna start to blog on here cuz myspace sucks cock for sure.