Saturday, December 6, 2008


So i was on Scott Hensons blog just reading up and seeing what hes up to and just seeing what new pics he has taken so far.Nothing really was popin at me till i went to a old post i never saw that he did about Ryan Fitzgerald.I dunno but i really dig his work(Pic is below),love the smooth yet under glow colors as i like to call em.Fitzgerald,most of the time takes pictures of things that also give off the minimalistic vibe and i personly love shit like that man lol.

Moving on....
by the way its 3 am and i cant sleep for shit and no one is online but Don so i am sitting here chatin with him and looking at random shit online to get me tired and sleepy.I am enjoying a nice set by Sharam that is very nice and chilled and mellow .Thats pretty rare of him to start off his sets off like that, his choice of songs on this set have a chillout vibe to them but i know he will pick it up.

anyways i was looking at business cards for my company,just trying to see where i can get a cheap ones that look good and what site will let me add the colors i want to them.I did find afew places but for some odd reason a Metal or Metallic business card came to mind.I started to wonder how cool they would look like.I thought right way they would be cool and look great with my labtop cuz its a Macbook Pro(metallic).I googled it and this is what i got.I aint gonna lie......... i would pay for some of these cards with all my info BUT,i know they would not be cheap and i know for sure that i would not pass them out to just anyone lol

alright i am out of here cuz i need sleep and its real late .BUT please do enjoy this nice piece of music that i have been in love with for about 2 years now and who i have fallin in love with ten times even more as of now because of the Piano remix of that just came out on his new CD.

Deadmau5 - Faxing Berlin (Acoustic Piano Mix)

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