Saturday, December 13, 2008

Sick n Tired of these mother fuckers!

I am sick an tired of people calling me or texting me or talking to me for that matter on the weekends or right before the weekends just to see where the party is at!I know alot of people use to come out to my partys back in the day but come on now guys...just because i threw huge bangin partys does not mean i do every single friday or saturday night.I would love to party it up at my house every weekend or every OTHER weekend if i could but thats not how it goes now a days.I live with my parents again(sadly) and i know they would not like th idea plus i live in a small house.Yes i have drank in my garage millions of times because but its fucking dick cold out side and i rather go to a bar or someone else house now a days to drink.Most of the people who ask me where the party is at are KIDS.KIDs who under 21 years of age.I have been there man i know how hard it is but dont bother me every weekend.Shit gets old and i know i got sick of partying last summer after 2 months but we did that shit from June all the way till Dec.

yes we did have a few weekends that we didnt party and we kept chill but out of 5 or 6 months maybe........and i really do mean it,maybe there was 7 weekends that we did not party because i had my GF at the time over or my room mate did the same and well we were just tired.BUT what i am trying to get at is that i dont roll like that anymore.I am old enough to go to a bar and or go to a club and en joy my self.I have always been into the whole club scene since i was old enough to go(18 for some) but come on now!now if you want to come out with me on the weekends to a club trust me i can take you with me and you will have a blast .I can even take you with me to a bar or a lounge were we can chill and have a drink and talk but dont think it will be off the hook and people r gonna be bouncing off walls.Fuck grow the fuck up.... todays party scene is no longer what it use to be.

the thing that i for sure dont get and fully understand is that everytime i DO have a party and invite the same people i normly do and know will show up and invite the people who hit me up about partys,they dont ever show up.Like what the fuck man.One min your bothering and about to piss your pants cuz you cant find a party but when i throow or help throw a bangin party your never there .lol the funnyer part about this is that even a few days down the line after my party is done with they still feel its necessary to still hit me up and let me know when my next party is gonna be.If you were at the last party you would of known when my next one was.By that time i dont feel i should even invite you to the next one and waste my time/text/anytime min/myspace comment/msg with to let you know about my next bash.

Now you maybe be thinking oh well what if i cant come to a party of yours ,will you not invite/welcome me to the next.Thats not what i am trying to say.What i am trying to say is that all these people that i have invited and told about my bash's never really show up.Yes i know sometime you cant make it out to because of work or life's probleme's and i understand that 100%.The people i am talking about are the ones who have been out and then try to pull some lies out of there ass and never come out or say they will and never do.Bro ,dont waste my time.Maybe i am over venting but you know what that shit piss's me off ALOT.

I just try to set my self up for reasonably success lol
Dont know if thats even possible but whatever i try my hardest

Look at this New Years Eve party i set up,I invited a good hand full of people that i know will show up and have a good time and wont let me down. I first wanted to throw a huge bash and fucking bank on it( i will be with the hang full of people i have invited so far,i just want the money i am putting into this party in return.Even if i get all of it back and dont get anything else as extra i am fine with it as long as everyone has a good time) up the ass and walk a way BUT i knew if i made it huge it was ognna be hard.Thats why i invited 20 of my close friends and some co workers and some people i never partyed with n felt it would be great to do so with for once.Out of those people i know at least 12 of them are coming out.Plus on top of that my business partner has another 10 coming and the home owner maybe have up to 7 people coming ,if that. so i am not worried about not there r a few other things i am worried about that i dont feel like going into detail on a blog about.they are more of my probleme then the worlds problemes lol.what i am trying to say in that i invited close friends and not everyone and there brother to the bahs because i knew if i did i would set my self up for failer and not just that i would be setting my self way above the cap.the most we can fit at the party is not a big amount but a good 40 people could really fit in there but then again i come from a party scene that is packt and dances the whole night to techno next to each other elbow to elbow

i think i got off track a the end i am sick of people asking me where the party is at when they never show up,there is no point.i am done inviting these types of people out to my partys or any party i am going to .you will never pick my text or call during the weekend BUT you will fridat after noon at 7PM wtf! FUCK YOU!

anyways i think i am done venting and ranting about stuff that you would not give to shits about .I havr not told anyone really about this blog but i am sure people know about it since i put a URL on my myspace blog.I am gettin use to this blog.oh well

I can see this song to blow up the radio waves here in 3 weeks or so if it hasnt already


Aaron-Carl said...

And this is the dumbest fucking song in the world.. They're not even saying anything in REAL Arabic. Do they think we're fucking stupid?

Nery Castro said...

lmao i know.As long as you have the T pain effect on your voice you can have a hit on the radio. That my friend is no secret lol.I have tryed it and it does help out shitty singers but its doesnt help out if your adding the effect to a real and when i say real i mean real bad singer lol

hmm too bad i lost the program.I heard that damn thing it self was like $500.yeah im good on buying shit like that lol