Wednesday, December 17, 2008


Everytime i hear Madball i want to beat the living shit out of the next person who looks my way.Man i love that fucking band.they are so fucking sweet !I seen them twice this year and was not able to make it a 3rd but thats ok though i am sure i will get to see them sometime in the next few months and by then i will be able to take time of work to see them.

man i feel like i have been working alot,and that i am but its just feels useless.Like i know its a job and it pays money but dude wtf i feel like i should be doing something else with my life that does not involve school or working my shitty job that only pays $14 a hour.

I keep dreaming of have a successful Dj career but i am way to shy to even promote my self and get out there.Man maybe i should stop being a pussy and go for it and maybe book myself for a little gig and stop doing shitty house partys and grad partys,not really my scene i guess.When i say successful Dj Career i dont mean flying all over the place to play and being on the cover of Dj times or something even though that would be very very very nice but not what i mean.To me being successful is just being known and being able to touch people with my music.I want to be able to share my music with others.If i were to be known and liked by 10 people i would die happy

I like the new Paramore song out

that was random of me to tell you

alright i am gonna go watch Dexter before i go to bed

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