Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Sven Vath

This is a great set.The more i keep watching this set by Sven ,the more it makes me wanna just go out this weekend.I have been chillin in the past few weekends & and not going to the clubs but i guess thats cuz i am broke but i guess i have a good reason to.I have my Company now and i am starting a band with Mike now so i would say thats gonna and is taking most of my time up along side with work.BUT i so plan on hittin up the club sometime soon or i might just say fuck it and go out.I know for sure i am gonna go to Staceys gig this weekend.Well i should say i am gonna TRY to if money allows me to go

god i know i am annoying people with all these party invites that i have been passing out or posting but i got to get the word out of my Company and the word out of my party.Cant have a party with 6 people haha i got to tell everyone that i can to come out and bring the new year in the right way.

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