Friday, January 30, 2009

Black Mags

Fuckin a! i really love The Cool Kids!

dont you just hate when people add you on myspace and never talk to you after lol.That is one of my pet peeves man,fuckin hate that shit. Most of the time its people i use to know in high school and its really nice to talk to them but they dont say shit and when i try to "brake the ice" and start a convo over a msg or a comment ,always get the smallest bullshit talk if that at all.I dunno its just annoying.

Cool Kids - " Black Mags "

Thursday, January 22, 2009


sometimes i think about dating and how nice it is to meet new people and see what is out there.But to tell you the truth i feel scared as fuck by doing that hahaha.To me it just seems like when you meet a new person and you feel that chemistry ,you after a while come off like a job seeker.Really,think about it.I know i felt like that sometimes in the beginning of my past relationships.As if i were the job seeker and she is the employer lol.Its weird to me but i guess thats how it goes if ya wanna really get with that person or in some cases ,get the pussy,man too much thought and time and most cases alot of money just to get to that point where your happy.

oh well ,i thats how life goes

Saturday, January 17, 2009

More Than Meets The Eye

got my hands on the Transformers 2 poster !some of you already seen it so thats cool BUT.........the web site is back up and has the poster thingy up so check it out.I also got my hands on some new pics , i was super excited to see miss Fox back in the movie,man thats one woman i would just knock up on purpose just so other guys can see i hit it.yes i know it sounds bad but deal with it lol

anyways im off to bed its like 1:30am and i could not go to the club tonight cuz of the club and the bad temperature out. so with that being said im off to bed

Thursday, January 15, 2009

94 Hours

Damn , i am gonna go see As I Lay Dying in the next few months.I have not seen them since i was in 8th grade.They have come a long way.Fuck, they even won grammys.I remember seeing them at the shelter when i was in 8th grade with my friends moshing it up.Back then they didnt have a fan base like they do now so it would be a good hand full of people who knew about these guys and a good hand full of people who would stick around to check em out,i love that shit man.And i must say when me and my boys got in the pit,i ownd that shit son.Those days are long gone now though i must say.after braking my knees and ankles from moshing i think my moshin days are over for sure haha

I saw As I Lay Dying around the time this was filmed,no joke


now they are like this lol

im excited,i cant wait to see them again

Monday, January 12, 2009

Club in the works

Club and party place is in the works and will not be open untill the spring time.If you didnt know me and my partner have gotten together with a friend of ours to well pretty much get a club going or maybe just a party place.I cant say at the moment where its at and or whats gonna be our full plans for it just yet .But what i can say is that it will be black as fuck with a full bar along with tvs and a DJ booth that i first hand am gonna be designing that will cater to my self and other DJ's alike to go along with a sound system that will make your girlfriend cream in her pants every time she feels the bass it a underground thing if you may but i know for sure its gonna be the spot among our little circle of people we party with and a vast amount of other people.I can not wait,i am super excited to be apart of this.I will be in the need of a artist to come help us with some art stuff we wanna do but wont happen untill the last phase of the project right before opening.Anyways we r gonna have this thing going off the fucking hook and i cant wait like i said.I will keep you guys posted when i have more update for ya guys....if you care that is lol

Sunday, January 11, 2009


Sometimes i feel like i let alot of opportunities past me by.I do feel like the biggest idiot when i realize this but i think we all do.There are so many things that i wish i can take back but i know shit happens for a reason.Like i always say,you live and you learn.In the end i know all the mistakes that i have made have made me who i am today.....that can be for the good or the bad but whatever i am who i am ,if someone doesnt like it ,well they can go fuck off

Friday, January 9, 2009

Return Of The Phantom Strange

The Unborn was shitty ,just like every horror movie that has came out so far.

on the bright side i for some reason am in the Sepultura mood.For those of you who dont know who they are look them up,they were the first band that i liked growing up likeing (still do) along White Zombie witch later took me into Rob Zombie.I would say they were both what got me into metal and all types of aggressive metal at the tender age of 9,even though Sepultura was a mix of metal with thrash and punk i still loved that shit plus they added a tribal feel,something i liked and made me feel proud to see a hispanic band make it and be successful

Sepultura - Territory

Rob Zombie - Return Of The Phantom Stranger


Well i layed around pretty much all week,Tryin to kill some time ,looking for a new job because i really need a new one for sure.Watched alot of horr movies because thats what i do.also listening to lots of new jams because thats what else i do.I love how alot of 90's main stream house has been redone and spit out as of late.Take Bart B More,he remixed the 90's house music hit Finally and i must say he did a real good job.Has that Angello style of production yet orginal feel.IDK i digg it alot man ,check him out,i know he also did a Daft Punk remix

well i got nothing else right now other then i am gonna go watch The Unborn with some friends.I will let ya guys know how that movie goes but knowing how horror movies are now a days ,its just a cheap scare (if a scare at all) with up coming actors

Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Calò d'es Moro

I want to travel again!real fucking bad.I miss the project team.In the past year i have grown and have gottin to the point in my life that if i do the Project Team job once again i am not always gonna be depressed because i miss my "girl".Fuck that for sure,maybe i say that because i dont have one now but even thought if i had one now i dont think i would even care because as for work,its work and i need to do what i need to do to gat back on track.

But its more of the traveling.If i had the money and the ways i would so travel .The first spot i would hit up would have be California to visit my family.Then then spain and then Berlin and France.I always wanted to go to amsterdam.There are too many places.I think i get it from my dad.My father has always told me story since i was a young child about how his travels to Berlin and Russia and how he lived there for a few years.Ever since he has been telling me these greats storys i have always wanted to see it for my self and experience it( even if it means going through a Hostel kind of thing lol)

Tuesday, January 6, 2009



I know everyone remembers this song for sure.Man ,when this song came out i think i was like in 6th grade haha

Sunday, January 4, 2009


Man i watched Demons for the very first time last night!I can really say Dario Argento is a mother fucking genius.His eye for gore and details is just mind boggling.I was taken back when i seen his style of blood and how bright his colors come out on his films.Im gonna be honest,i love love loveand i mean love Romero but i think thats why he is so good at his work because he and Argento are friends and have been working together for some time now.I mean look at Dawn Of The Dead.that fillm is just filled with some much detail( for its time of age,keep that in mind).From the crazy ass camera angels to the bright red they use.Thas one thing i noticed ,the red is always nice and bright in bother Argento and Romero's films. Anyways ,i have seen some of Argentos films but never the whole things because i was always drunk or high or something lol.But after seein Demons last night i went out and got Demons 2 and Suspiria.I wanted to get The Mother Of Tears BUT some one else had got it before me,but i will make sure to pick it up.I was talking to a co worker of mine about it a few weeks back and he was just tellin me about the inside story about the film so it got my attention.I guess Suspiria is part of The Mother Of Tears just like 20 years before so i am super excited to watch this shit today son!

on another note.when the fuck did Max Cavalera(EX-Sepultura Drummer) start DJ-ing!?!?1 i knew about it a long time ago but thought it was a hobby of his but i just found some of his music.I guess its him and his wife( who i must say i would make sweet passionate love to if given the chance lmao) and its a weird yet nice n catchy style of electro/dub set/house/hip hop.They have been doing alot of live stuff,i wish they would come to Detroit but i know that will never happen.I dig it for sure. they go under the name of Mixhell.

It shouldt shock me because alot of rock star people now a days are jumping into the DJ-ing world and takin a stab at it.Like Sonny,that mother fucker just straight up ,fucks shit up man.But i think Boy George needs to hang it up man lol.Now as for Perry Ferrell,i think that nigga still rocks shit .I remember when he did a track with Paul Van was just beautiful man

anyways i am gonna go .ttyl

Friday, January 2, 2009

Cant wait yo!

I bought this today!!! And i cant wait to start reading it