Thursday, January 15, 2009

94 Hours

Damn , i am gonna go see As I Lay Dying in the next few months.I have not seen them since i was in 8th grade.They have come a long way.Fuck, they even won grammys.I remember seeing them at the shelter when i was in 8th grade with my friends moshing it up.Back then they didnt have a fan base like they do now so it would be a good hand full of people who knew about these guys and a good hand full of people who would stick around to check em out,i love that shit man.And i must say when me and my boys got in the pit,i ownd that shit son.Those days are long gone now though i must say.after braking my knees and ankles from moshing i think my moshin days are over for sure haha

I saw As I Lay Dying around the time this was filmed,no joke


now they are like this lol

im excited,i cant wait to see them again

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