Thursday, January 22, 2009


sometimes i think about dating and how nice it is to meet new people and see what is out there.But to tell you the truth i feel scared as fuck by doing that hahaha.To me it just seems like when you meet a new person and you feel that chemistry ,you after a while come off like a job seeker.Really,think about it.I know i felt like that sometimes in the beginning of my past relationships.As if i were the job seeker and she is the employer lol.Its weird to me but i guess thats how it goes if ya wanna really get with that person or in some cases ,get the pussy,man too much thought and time and most cases alot of money just to get to that point where your happy.

oh well ,i thats how life goes

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Aaron-Carl said...

Aww, you're right. BUT you keep that confidence, and you'll come out "HIRED!"

Hang in there, my friend... Ms. Right will come your way.