Sunday, January 4, 2009


Man i watched Demons for the very first time last night!I can really say Dario Argento is a mother fucking genius.His eye for gore and details is just mind boggling.I was taken back when i seen his style of blood and how bright his colors come out on his films.Im gonna be honest,i love love loveand i mean love Romero but i think thats why he is so good at his work because he and Argento are friends and have been working together for some time now.I mean look at Dawn Of The Dead.that fillm is just filled with some much detail( for its time of age,keep that in mind).From the crazy ass camera angels to the bright red they use.Thas one thing i noticed ,the red is always nice and bright in bother Argento and Romero's films. Anyways ,i have seen some of Argentos films but never the whole things because i was always drunk or high or something lol.But after seein Demons last night i went out and got Demons 2 and Suspiria.I wanted to get The Mother Of Tears BUT some one else had got it before me,but i will make sure to pick it up.I was talking to a co worker of mine about it a few weeks back and he was just tellin me about the inside story about the film so it got my attention.I guess Suspiria is part of The Mother Of Tears just like 20 years before so i am super excited to watch this shit today son!

on another note.when the fuck did Max Cavalera(EX-Sepultura Drummer) start DJ-ing!?!?1 i knew about it a long time ago but thought it was a hobby of his but i just found some of his music.I guess its him and his wife( who i must say i would make sweet passionate love to if given the chance lmao) and its a weird yet nice n catchy style of electro/dub set/house/hip hop.They have been doing alot of live stuff,i wish they would come to Detroit but i know that will never happen.I dig it for sure. they go under the name of Mixhell.

It shouldt shock me because alot of rock star people now a days are jumping into the DJ-ing world and takin a stab at it.Like Sonny,that mother fucker just straight up ,fucks shit up man.But i think Boy George needs to hang it up man lol.Now as for Perry Ferrell,i think that nigga still rocks shit .I remember when he did a track with Paul Van was just beautiful man

anyways i am gonna go .ttyl

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