Saturday, February 28, 2009


it makes me luagh when i see these couples who are in "Love" with one another and take all these myspace pics and well pretty much talk about there"love" none stop but within a few months span its over and they move on with some one else.WTF.people now a days are just plane out stupid.I dont know about you but when i say I love you to someone its because i mean it.For me it takes a long long time for me to even say i love you to someone.First time i said it,i know it took me about 6 months but not just that it took me 6 months to even open up and KIND of feel those feelings.Shit it took me 6 months to feel comfortable.If you really think about it,love really isnt a feeling.What do you feel when your in love......comfort! You eyes see what they want you to see. Oh well i dont want to really get into it right saying that i need to be on the road right now so i need to get in my car. But i hope you get what i mean. It bothers me when people say they love there girl or guy after being with each other for 2 months or less.....pfff

this blog post didnt make any sense but thats cool cuz im in a hurry and felt like posting something

Thursday, February 26, 2009

Stanky Leg

damn dude
i miss the old days when big hair and vhs tapes were the shit.I remember watching concerts on tv and seeing millions of people at them.Shit like that dont happen now a days,its pretty sad.its also sad that now a days rapers have a back track playing and they only rap over some parts,that to me is not worth my money to go see.

i wish they would make City Slickers 3 lol.I loved part one and two,they were the shit! great movies indeed

Zimmerman sent me some nice kick drums and loops this week and Mike Mikhjian sent me some demos of his new songs,that was pretty weird .have not spoke to that guy in months but i am glad he is still thinking of me : D

i rented Jason X. I had not seen it in a very long time,i own it on VHS but was in the mood for it so i said fuck it ill get it and watch it again.Man that was a bad idea,that movie was soooooooooo bad hahaha

went to City Club with mike and some friends a few days ago. It was weird cuz i had not gone there in months and i can say for once there was some "OK" looking woman.Not going to go and say they were hot as fuck but they were ok. It was a different crowd there this time around,had the goth kids along with the metal heads but i also seen the clubber crowd. I think maybe there wasnt anything to do that nighyt and they all came there or its because Bleu shut down and some of them have no where to go .IDK maybe i am over thinking it cuz they always have Oslo and The Works .The Works opend at 1 Am that night so that might have been why there was a diverse group of people there.

oh well

Sunday, February 22, 2009


Been chillin as of late ,hangin out with my buddy Mike and Neil alot.Not much to really do.It feels good to know that summer is gettin closer and closer.I cant wait cuz this winter is getting old as fuck.oh well i guess one more month of this and the weather should start to get better by a little bit.I cant wait tho like i said.Plus i got my California trip all planned out i just got to buy my plane tickets sometime during the next months .Its gonna be cheap cuz its only for a weekend .Gonna go chill with some family because i need it really bad ,not just that, i need to get away from this state for one.Its been a while since i had a vacation .I was thinking maybe for my birthday but i doubt i can wait that long ,its cool cuz i got some things planned out there with my brother and we got a few things up our sleeves.Fuck i might just see how things r out there and stay there .Might have to give it a few months after to move but i dont know.Its hard letting go of Detroit but with the way thigns are i think its a must.Oh well those are my thoughts .....not yours.Anyways,dont you hate when people say things just to spite you? Fuck , thats is the dumbest shit ever man .I have noticed a few people who have been doing that in my life and its getting very annoying but oh well i guess thats how they are.The club was crazy last night.It was funny seeing girls all pilled out lmao,i have not seen that in a while.I love how i have seen all the stuff you see on 70's movies hahaha.

im out

Sunday, February 15, 2009

Sunday, February 8, 2009


Man i have been buying alot of music off line as of late. I feel good about it. I use to never ever want to buy music but steal it off line i guess.But i have been thinking about it alot and i know i for sure would love to get paid if i was in the music biz ya know. There is a catch to this by the way lol. I will buy EDM Legally, meaning techno or house or trance. The reason is because well half that stuff is no longer on records and they never make there way to the US if they are in cd's.If they do i am very lucky to get my hands on it ya know. EDM is not as big as over seas . Fuck man you go to sweden or the netherlands and you will have mine stream radio stations playing trance & techno .Thats fucking amazing man. Think of it the rap stations here are the techno & trance station over there. BUT when it comes to rap music or metal or even hardcore i will just download that shit off line.Not all the time though i have been in the mood of really buying the cd's at shows now a days to get the cd with the cover art and the full cd sound and all ya know, i dunno i am weird i guess, but only EDM for me as being legal and the rest is a free for all pretty much heh

So it seems like my calender is getting filled as summer time is is heading our way. Its gonna be one crazy summer i think. Im 21 now and can get into better clubs

Gigs so far,
Feb 13 2009 10:00A
Friday The 13th @ MJR

Feb 14 2009 10:00P
Mcnasty,Tweek,DJ Seoul,Ronin Selecta @ The Works @ the Works

Feb 20 2009 7:00P
Don’s Birthday @ Detroit

Mar 10 2009 4:30P
Taste Of Chaos Tour w/ Thursday,Bring Me The Horizon @ The Fillmore @ The Fillmore

Mar 13 2009 10:00P
Cedric Gervais w/ Shawn Michaels @ Nine Lounge @ Nine Lounge

Mar 14 2009 10:00P
STACEY PULLEN w/ John Johr @ Nine Lounge @ Nine Lounge

Mar 17 2009 6:00P
Bleeding Through,As Blood Runs Black,Acacia Strain @ Majestic Theatre @ Majestic Theatre

Mar 21 2009 6:00P
Winds Of Plague, Terror, All Shall Perish, & The Ghost Inside@The Majestic @ The Majestic Theatre

Mar 28 2009 6:00P
Cold @ Harpos @ Harpos

Apr 4 2009 10:00P
Blake Jarrell w/ Rob Perry @ Nine Lounge @ Nine Lounge

Apr 18 2009 10:00P
Chris Lake w/ Anthony Attalla @ Nine Lounge @ Nine Lounge

Apr 21 2009 7:00P
Parkway Drive, Stick To Your Guns, & Mychildren Mybride @Magic Stick @ Magic Stick

May 6 2009 6:00P

May 22 2009 10p
The Works pre DEMF party @ The Works

May 23 2009 12P
DEMF Day # 1 @ Hart Plaza

May 24 2009 12p
DEMF Day # 2 @ Hart Plaza

May 24 2009 10p
Sander Van Doorn @ Nine Lounge

May 25 2009 12p
DEMF Day # 3 @ Hart Plaza

*DEMF Weekend is set for now because i dont know what after parties are going down each night except Sanders show at NL*

this is what i have lined up to go to so far.not ad, and i know april will be filled with some good shit too for sure

Cant wait for DEMF this year! I miss it so much

Friday, February 6, 2009


I just watched the following and they were all fucking amazing! i would highly recommend them.

Sunday, February 1, 2009

Mixed Signals

Fuck i really hate when girls give off mixed signals. That shit is just annoying. It drives me crazy and makes my blood boil. To top that, half the time they dont know what they want and that for sure is just a sign that your fucking stupid