Thursday, February 26, 2009

Stanky Leg

damn dude
i miss the old days when big hair and vhs tapes were the shit.I remember watching concerts on tv and seeing millions of people at them.Shit like that dont happen now a days,its pretty sad.its also sad that now a days rapers have a back track playing and they only rap over some parts,that to me is not worth my money to go see.

i wish they would make City Slickers 3 lol.I loved part one and two,they were the shit! great movies indeed

Zimmerman sent me some nice kick drums and loops this week and Mike Mikhjian sent me some demos of his new songs,that was pretty weird .have not spoke to that guy in months but i am glad he is still thinking of me : D

i rented Jason X. I had not seen it in a very long time,i own it on VHS but was in the mood for it so i said fuck it ill get it and watch it again.Man that was a bad idea,that movie was soooooooooo bad hahaha

went to City Club with mike and some friends a few days ago. It was weird cuz i had not gone there in months and i can say for once there was some "OK" looking woman.Not going to go and say they were hot as fuck but they were ok. It was a different crowd there this time around,had the goth kids along with the metal heads but i also seen the clubber crowd. I think maybe there wasnt anything to do that nighyt and they all came there or its because Bleu shut down and some of them have no where to go .IDK maybe i am over thinking it cuz they always have Oslo and The Works .The Works opend at 1 Am that night so that might have been why there was a diverse group of people there.

oh well

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