Saturday, February 28, 2009


it makes me luagh when i see these couples who are in "Love" with one another and take all these myspace pics and well pretty much talk about there"love" none stop but within a few months span its over and they move on with some one else.WTF.people now a days are just plane out stupid.I dont know about you but when i say I love you to someone its because i mean it.For me it takes a long long time for me to even say i love you to someone.First time i said it,i know it took me about 6 months but not just that it took me 6 months to even open up and KIND of feel those feelings.Shit it took me 6 months to feel comfortable.If you really think about it,love really isnt a feeling.What do you feel when your in love......comfort! You eyes see what they want you to see. Oh well i dont want to really get into it right saying that i need to be on the road right now so i need to get in my car. But i hope you get what i mean. It bothers me when people say they love there girl or guy after being with each other for 2 months or less.....pfff

this blog post didnt make any sense but thats cool cuz im in a hurry and felt like posting something

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