Monday, May 11, 2009


Well its been awhile since i even posted anything,not like it matter cuz no one read this blog but its nice to get stuff off my chest.Nothing really new going on ,just working my new job and working on the band stuff and at the same time trying to this the club/bar ready for opening weekend next month.I cant wait.People have been asking me why i cant say where its at.All i can say is that in the next few weeks i will be telling people about it.I dont wanna go all out and scream and tell every one about it cuz there are tons of people i do not want over so thats why i want to keep it very low key ,plus its a private invite only party.All i can say is that dont be little me and it with out even coming over once.So far we got the sound system going and it sounds fucking sweet,got to do a few touch ups here and there,need to get the lights set and that shold not take much longer and then we r good.The hardest part is the money.trying to pay bills and then trying to buy stuff with left over money.....its hard but i am trying to. As far as the band,its going pretty good.we got about 3 songs down and we r writing more so its going pretty good.nice and heavy just like i like it.The new job is going pretty smooth,its taking me a hard time getting use to talking to a customer on the phone in spanish and telling them all these technical things while at the same time writing.But i am sure i will get the hang of it in the next few weeks.

on a side note,I will be going to DEMF and the after partys next weekend! Should be fun as fuck yo..... cant wait

well i got nothing else i am tired so i am off to lay down before bed .peace