Sunday, February 22, 2009


Been chillin as of late ,hangin out with my buddy Mike and Neil alot.Not much to really do.It feels good to know that summer is gettin closer and closer.I cant wait cuz this winter is getting old as fuck.oh well i guess one more month of this and the weather should start to get better by a little bit.I cant wait tho like i said.Plus i got my California trip all planned out i just got to buy my plane tickets sometime during the next months .Its gonna be cheap cuz its only for a weekend .Gonna go chill with some family because i need it really bad ,not just that, i need to get away from this state for one.Its been a while since i had a vacation .I was thinking maybe for my birthday but i doubt i can wait that long ,its cool cuz i got some things planned out there with my brother and we got a few things up our sleeves.Fuck i might just see how things r out there and stay there .Might have to give it a few months after to move but i dont know.Its hard letting go of Detroit but with the way thigns are i think its a must.Oh well those are my thoughts .....not yours.Anyways,dont you hate when people say things just to spite you? Fuck , thats is the dumbest shit ever man .I have noticed a few people who have been doing that in my life and its getting very annoying but oh well i guess thats how they are.The club was crazy last night.It was funny seeing girls all pilled out lmao,i have not seen that in a while.I love how i have seen all the stuff you see on 70's movies hahaha.

im out

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