Monday, January 12, 2009

Club in the works

Club and party place is in the works and will not be open untill the spring time.If you didnt know me and my partner have gotten together with a friend of ours to well pretty much get a club going or maybe just a party place.I cant say at the moment where its at and or whats gonna be our full plans for it just yet .But what i can say is that it will be black as fuck with a full bar along with tvs and a DJ booth that i first hand am gonna be designing that will cater to my self and other DJ's alike to go along with a sound system that will make your girlfriend cream in her pants every time she feels the bass it a underground thing if you may but i know for sure its gonna be the spot among our little circle of people we party with and a vast amount of other people.I can not wait,i am super excited to be apart of this.I will be in the need of a artist to come help us with some art stuff we wanna do but wont happen untill the last phase of the project right before opening.Anyways we r gonna have this thing going off the fucking hook and i cant wait like i said.I will keep you guys posted when i have more update for ya guys....if you care that is lol

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