Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Calò d'es Moro

I want to travel again!real fucking bad.I miss the project team.In the past year i have grown and have gottin to the point in my life that if i do the Project Team job once again i am not always gonna be depressed because i miss my "girl".Fuck that for sure,maybe i say that because i dont have one now but even thought if i had one now i dont think i would even care because as for work,its work and i need to do what i need to do to gat back on track.

But its more of the traveling.If i had the money and the ways i would so travel .The first spot i would hit up would have be California to visit my family.Then then spain and then Berlin and France.I always wanted to go to amsterdam.There are too many places.I think i get it from my dad.My father has always told me story since i was a young child about how his travels to Berlin and Russia and how he lived there for a few years.Ever since he has been telling me these greats storys i have always wanted to see it for my self and experience it( even if it means going through a Hostel kind of thing lol)

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