Friday, January 9, 2009


Well i layed around pretty much all week,Tryin to kill some time ,looking for a new job because i really need a new one for sure.Watched alot of horr movies because thats what i do.also listening to lots of new jams because thats what else i do.I love how alot of 90's main stream house has been redone and spit out as of late.Take Bart B More,he remixed the 90's house music hit Finally and i must say he did a real good job.Has that Angello style of production yet orginal feel.IDK i digg it alot man ,check him out,i know he also did a Daft Punk remix

well i got nothing else right now other then i am gonna go watch The Unborn with some friends.I will let ya guys know how that movie goes but knowing how horror movies are now a days ,its just a cheap scare (if a scare at all) with up coming actors

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