Monday, December 29, 2008

The Binary Universe

I know i made a post about it a long long time ago about BT's The Binary Universe .I cant help but still be mesmerized by his art and well his work in general.Its very eye poping yet eye filling.Not to mention his DJing skills are just fucking amazing.I would have to say BT and Tycho are head to head as far as my favorite artists as of now.Its hard to make a decision on who is better or who's music is better,i love them just as much(there work heh)

One other person who keeps me at my toes being mesmerized by his music/art is Sultan.The mother fucker is a real producer.He has worked with some many people in the industry its not even funny.From rap to rock to House.I never have seen him live but i know i wont miss him if he ever makes his way to the dirty D for sure.What takes me back is that his guy will go on tour with Nadia and play bass or guitar or even the drums and then go on tour for him self and DJ it up........then on his off time(not really off time if your working if ya ask me) he will get right to the studio and produce someone else's cd or tracks.When this guy puts shit out,its heavy and good,it can go from funky electro to dark minimal or to even trance with the uplifting sweep keys with the verb to the max that make you feel like your at The Love Parade or something. anyways check him out

specking of festivals,i wonder how 2009's DEMF will turn out.Well i know how it will turn out ,maybe i should ask who will be on the line up?hmm its so hard to say,Most likely some local talents and a few big name DJ's that are hot right now but not worth checking out cuz you will pushed out of the front row by other so they can see em(DEADMAU5).I always wondered if they pay the DJ's or how they go about asking them to play and how or who gives them there set time.hmm too many questions and no answered,oh well.This year i think i will be gettin my all weekend VIp passes for sure,yes they maybe like $150 but its worth it i must say.This time i wont show up at 12 and stay till 1 AM like i did this year(i got there earlyer for TYCHO and stayed late for CARL CRAIG).Anyways,i dont expect to go with anyone ,maybe a friend or two this year since i NOW know who likes techno and who doesnt within my friends and or co workers.And if a certain someone is reading this, i would love to see you come back for 09 and tear the roof of the main stage where you damn well belong!!!

One thing i do hate but love at the same time is when they slowly reveal who is on the line up.It kills me with suspense day by day untill the last week before DEMF lol.but yes,VIP for me this coming year with more extra cash too,its bad enough i was broke that weekend and snuck in water bottles lol.I heat VIP you get monsters and water for free so i wont have to worry about paying $15 for tickets that pretty much pay for 1 water bottle.....pfft fuck that shit son!above all i still love how during that weekend people cant get a hold of me .this year i think i am just gonna shut off my phone and just get fucking crazy like i always do and not worry about shit

haha i was right in front but you cant seem, on the left of his left arm in the white : )

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