Saturday, December 27, 2008

Powerman 5000

I sit here and write this and wonder how my life and my friendships and relationshipswill be in the next 6 months.Just wondering who will still be in my life and how things will be.Will they be for the better or for the worse?I dont know to tell you the truth.I guess everyone wonders that heh.

all i can do it keep moving on and writing my path every day and hope for the best.

man i wont be able to go to school this coming semester,i am just pisst and pretty sad to tell you the truth.I was looking forward to it so much,i want to be a fucking nurse so damn bad.That and i want to get to that point in life were i feel like i really AM working towards something in life and not just working for a useless life.

oh well i cant go cuz i pretty much have to help my parents with bills and what not during the winter.My dad was gonna get my room built by the end of winter but after his days got cut and having the possibility of not have a job come next year when he goes back is something he does not wanna ride on.He doesnt wanna get into a debt that he cant pay off because he wont have a job.Its sad and it kills me man.And i know millions of people are going throw it(not having a job i ment lol).I have faith everything will come out just fine.Something i dont really come out and share with people is my faith in god,thats just one side of me that i never let anyone tap into.But what i am trying to say is that i have faith in god ,Faith that he will help us.Not just my family but others as well(even thought there are alot of us lol).

anyways i got a felling things will get better so i shouldt get to worryed .

been feelin real dumb as of late lol.Feel like i should have acted while i had the chance.You probalby dont even know what that means but oh well.If you dont know maybe its ment to be that way : D

I have been rocking Powerman 5000 all day today lol

i drank so me tall girls tonight and they tasted so good lol.i havent drank in a while so it was not to have some beers

im going to bed i feel like the biggest bag of dicks

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