Thursday, December 11, 2008

Late Night Thoughts

i dont know why i stay up so late.I mean i dont work midnights anymore but i feel after working midnights for for 3 years i have been on the same sleeping pattern.Plus there is no one ever online to chat with or anything to do.Fuck,this is lame

On the other hand i went to the casino, and i didnt spend anymore ,so that good.I did buy beer but thats it lol.

Man i wish Detroit more EDM weekend a year just does not do it for me.Maybe if i lived back in LA , i could be part of a EDM scene were they do big productions and spend more time & money on EDM events and or clubs.I dont blame clubs for not wanting to spend much money.I mean fuck ,look at the way things are going as far at auto makers and banks.NO one is driving business to this state.......nor this Country for that matter.

Its 3:30am ,Good Night

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